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The CRO/Proof Program

The CRO/Proof program helps brands set up and scale their CRO programs to unlock at least $50,000 in additional monthly revenue.

Instant insights: CRO/Proof enrolled brands performance


Monthly Revenue


Higher Average Order Value (AOV)


Enhanced Test
Conversion Rates


Checkout Conversion Uplift

Brands benefitting from the CRO/Proof Program

GrooveOlavEveryMODD. Louise
D. Louise

Our CRO/Proof program helps brands set up
and vastly improve their conversion programs.

Unlock your e-commerce business's true potential. Dive into comprehensive UX audits, adopt powerful conversion strategies, and sustain growth through relentless improvement. The CRO/Proof program aims to amplifying your brand, boosting conversions, and cultivating unwavering customer loyalty

Brands engaging in our CRO/Proof program get


Our audit combines analytics and behavior analysis to improve website conversions and user experience.

Program Set Up

Our program processes are designed to increase efficiency at every step of our data-driven experimentation efforts.

CRO Program

The Roadmap strategy builds a brand-specific plan, prioritizing data-driven experimentation to optimize user experience, conversions and ROI.

Program Table


Deep Dive on Mod Lighting

The CRO/Proof program served as a catalyst for Mod Lighting's digital growth. With its adoption, the company experienced a substantial elevation in customer engagement.

Short-Term Results

Average of 15.4% improvement per test in the first 8 weeks.

Long-Term Results

$3,300,000 in additional annual revenue generated.
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About CRO/Proof

Relentless pursuit in CRO excellence.

Sogody is collaborating with leading expert strategists to redefine the digital customer experience and drive unparalleled online conversions.

Leveraging profound expertise in strategy and user experience design for Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO), Sogody combines its robust tech solutions background and commitment to pixel-perfect digital experiences for web and mobile.

This collaboration harnesses unique strengths, fostering a dynamic synergy that culminates in the innovative CRO Proof Program. Rooted in innovation, customer-centricity, and a relentless pursuit of excellence, this initiative is set to transform the digital landscape for businesses worldwide.


Sogody is a martech company engineering digital experiences to have clients convert without pitching.
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Enroll in the CRO/Proof Program!

Transform your brand’s website into a conversion powerhouse by enrolling in our CRO/Proof program today!

CRO/Proof your brand

CRO/Proof Program Testimonials

Here’s what the CRO/Proof enrolled entrepreneurs say about the program.

Ahmed Musa

Performance and Optimisation Lead, Cheil UK & EO

Enabled 3x Growth and Scalability While Maintaining Quality

Sogody has been an essential part of my team and a partner who has really allowed us to scale. We have experienced 3x growth in a short period and through Sogody, I have been able to deliver at pace and without sacrificing quality.

I’d also like to point out, they are a good bunch and it’s clear the management team is very selective with how they bring in – leaving me with little concerns.

It is without hesitation I would recommend the good people at Sogody!

Laura Robinson

CEO, Web and Flo

Delivered Professional, Scalable CRO with Complete Peace-of-Mind

I worked with Sogody for almost 2 years during my time as Head of CRO at Brainlabs. They were professional, understood the complexities of each client and were flexible as we scaled our needs.

Their in-house specialists and experience meant that we had complete peace-of-mind when coding experiments. It was great to see their own company scale during our time working together and go from strength to strength.

James Day

COO, Old Gold Racing

Flexibility and Know-How Enable Delightful CRO Development

Sogody’s flexibility and knowhow has been fundamental in allowing us to build a product that delights the customers we serve.

I’ve worked with Sogody’s leadership team in a variety of capacities since their inception and have kept them by my side for good reason!

Past CRO Work

Work we've been apart of.

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In this article, we are breaking down the specifics of how we helped Cheil establish a highly successful experimentation program and all that we deliver daily.

53% Increase in Conversion Rate and a 25% Improvement in AOV in 6 months

In this article, we are providing the details of how we assisted GroovyPillows in creating a very effective experimentation program and everything we provide on a daily basis.

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